Data For The Metaverse In Your City, Game or Both.

Express allows you to quickly create NFTs and place them in the Metaverse of your city.

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By Developers, For Developers
Easily deploy assets to your geo-fenced metaverse.

Made to be used in seconds and deployed in minutes.


With a bit of ingenuity, we developed a simple tool that allows you to do what was thought impossible.

User Secruity First

Best-in-class security for your users built-in. All credentials are kept with you and users, with the option for multi-factor authentication or trusted custodians.

Deploy A Metaverse That Links To Cosmos and Ethereum

With the upcoming deployment of Ethermint, Ethereum and Cosmos will soon link as Ethereum 2.0 rolls out. This rollout, ontop of Layer 2 technologies such as ZK Snarks, make it possible for permissionless, decentralized data transfers at no cost to users in your game or other dApp.

Problem was...

High gas costs, a wild-west of secruity hurdle and issues integrating blockchain technology seemlessly into your AR and VR experiences. Thanks to OrFeed-based oracle tech, those problems are now gone as fast as Express. Instant. Boom.

Our platform solves the AR Metaverse developers' core problems.

Completely open-source with the option to white-label deployed solutions. We are launching our first forkable Metaverse in London in 2022. Stay tuned.